This is the second most popular style after the Original San Miguel shoe. These San Miguel sandals have a 1 inch wedge-shaped sole that has a light tread pattern on a rubber bottom. They are more stylish and a lot more comfortable than flip-flops and come in every imaginable color. In hot weather your foot will not slip on the suede platform which is totally washable when necessary. This sandal is made for comfort and style and can be worn all day long.

In selecting your color you can have a smooth or waffle texture. Also just about any solid color, even if not shown, is available… just email me your choice. Please browse through the available colors below, then Order your San Miguel Shoes

50g 50h 50i 50j 50l 50n 50o 50p 50q 50r 50s 50t 50v2 50v3 50v4 50v5 50v6 50v7 50v8 50v9 50z1 50z2 50z3 50z4 50z5 50z6 50z7 50z8 50z9