Boots US$88
Closed-Toe US$88
High Heels US$85
Low Heels US$85

*All prices include shipping to the United States

How to Order

Browse through our menu of 14 different San Miguel Shoes to choose your favorite models, and at the same time look over the available colors below each shoe to decide on your style.

The color charts let you decide not only color but also the type of elastic you would like. The colors run from solids, to tweeds, to stripes, while the elastic can be smooth, ribbed, close ribbed, waffle weave, or domino weave. The choice is yours! If you have a question, please email me.

After deciding, continue onwards to the Order Form where you will find a Shopping Cart and easily add shoe models and shoe colors from the dropdown menus, and confirm the shoe size and quantity of each item.

Confirm your selection then add your contact details: Name, Email, Phone and Shipping Address. We usually respond to your message within 48 hours to verify order details.

We import on average 2 shipments a month. Please bear with us because the manufacturers are often slow in filling orders and once shipped from Mexico the shoes have to pass through US Customs in Texas and are then forwarded onto you. The system works well but it is not fast!

Payment and Shipping

At their request, we work directly with the manufacturer in Mexico to help new and returning individual customers in the United States. We also supply wholesale to shops and retail outlets. In order to make this work for everyone we accumulate orders and when we have at least 15 pairs ready we then make a bulk shipment to the States.

Once your shoes arrive from Mexico we notify you by email. We then ship them to you with an invoice and once you receive them you send us a check to our US mailing address or via PayPal.

For those of you who have not worn San Miguel Shoes before, we are willing to send the shoes to you on the following condition. If they are returned or exchanged for whatever reason, there is a $10 re-stocking fee per pair. This still makes them the best deal you will find anywhere on the internet!