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NEWS (2017)

To all my San Miguel Shoe Clients:

Recently the San Miguel Shoe Company sold all rights (wholesale and retail) to Charleston Shoe Company. I am not sure where this leaves me since Charleston will not sell to me unless I charge their prices which I am unwilling to do. I find this very disappointing since I have worked with the San Miguel Shoe company since their inception and am not in any competition with Charleston since they do not provide the service to individuals as I do. I have a large inventory in stock from which I am currently selling. I am still taking orders and will work to find a way to continue as I have for the past several years. If you prefer you can buy the shoes from Charleston Shoe Company. My prices remain as you see them on my web page.

Also please note the following style has been discontinued:
Botin Premier (there is a very similar substitute sole called Luna which is both a boot and closed toe)

Milagros Para Ti strives to bring you the best in Mexican folk art, crafts and gifts such as the wonderful San Miguel Shoe range. All our items have been personally selected by Debbie and are usually one of a kind. Our goal is to present Mexico's finest folk art and crafts at the fairest possible prices.


As you can see from these testimonials the shoes are truly “miracle” shoes of comfort and design. ORDER YOURS NOW

"Was out of town for a couple of days but got back to my gorgeous shoes... I love them. The red is vibrant and the heel is not corrugated but like small tufts... very nice/very elegant and... I have friends asking me about my shoes. Will turn them onto your site. Again, thank you so much. I couldn't be happier and your customer service and timely delivery is excellent!", LM.

"I wanted to thank you again! I received the shoes and plan to wear them well. The denim pair is doing fantastic as well. I appreciate your amazing customer service and hope to send customers your way as I get many compliments on my sandals", LL

"My 2 pair of San Miguel's arrived today. They are perfect. Thank you... Love my San Miguel shoes", JJ

"You can't imagine how excited I am to be able to order these shoes online... My 25th trip to Mexico was cancelled in February and so no shoes this time until now!", LJ.

"I bought my first pair in San Miguel de Allende 2 years ago...
Love these shoes! So glad to find you!", MJG

"I have received the boots for my sister and they are Perfect", EL

I would like 1 black pair and 1 cafe-colored pair... I can be patient as these are the best and most complimented shoes that I own", SW

Buy a new pair of shoes from our San Miguel Shoe online store.

San Miguel Shoes

The most comfortable shoes imaginable!

Veracruz & North Carolina

Milagros Para Ti now has a sister shop in North Carolina! Debbie is currently dividing her time between Mexico and the US having recently moved up to Hendersonville, in the lovely Blue Ridge Mountains. This small town is surprisingly similar to Coatepec in size, climate, and wonderfully friendly folk.

Mexican Folk Art, Crafts & Gifts

Another group makes whimsical carvings of angels, chickens, and other figures that will bring a smile to your face! Also available from Veracruz are hand-rolled cigars of aromatic tobacco, bottles of pure vanilla and the finest shade-grown, bird-friendly coffee.


Milagros Para Ti offers you the finest in rugs, huipiles, rebozos, blouses and purses.

Textiles are produced throughout Mexico and contemporary textiles derive their richness and variety from the combination, over many centuries, of different materials, techniques and decorative motifs. All our textile products are hand woven using only natural, colorfast dyes. White cotton is native to the New World as is the luscious toffee colored strain called coyuche. Preparation of the cotton and the dyes to color it is arduous taking from a few hours to several days. Blue comes from the anil plant, red from the cochineal bug which lives on the cactus plant, yellows from lichen, and black from Indigo.

Huipiles and Rebozos

These most delicate and lovely of wraps are themselves a miracle of Mexico. They have been used not only as clothing but have also found their way onto tables as runners and on windows as curtains! We offer them to you in cotton, wool and silk. Each rebozo is hand woven and colorfast, dyed from natural plants and animals. Shades range from white to the most brilliant of colors. The soft beige rebozos are made from coyuche, a naturally caramel colored cotton native to Mexico.

Santa Maria Tlahuitoltepec, high in the mountains of the Mixe region of Oaxaca, produces hand woven and naturally dyed cotton shawls in a beautiful array of earth tones. This proud region was never conquered and remains a sacred place for the Mixes who are striving to preserve their traditions and provide the village with an economic base though the sales of textiles.

Debbie also travels to Guatemala to find the best in tightly woven purses, placemats and jackets.

The Vasquez Family, Teotitlan Del Valle

From a tradition that has lasted well over eleven generations, the Vasquez family continues to practice the craft of creating textiles from 100% wool. The entire family, headed by Isaac Vasquez, lives and works in Teotitlan Del Valle amongst many other families of artisans practicing the same craft. Recognized as a proponent of tradition and for his aesthetic capabilities, Vasquez has developed into a respected artisan in his community as well as on an international level. Many of his works have been displayed in major museums throughout the world and he has been featured in numerous publications on Mexican artisans. Isaac Vasquez and his wife Guadalupe have passed down their skills to their eight children who all participate in continuing the family tradition.

The process they follow in producing their exquisite rugs is long and requires incredible skill. It begins with the collection of the sheep's wool when it reaches its longest length. After the wool is gathered it is then washed in waters of nearby rivers, carded to remove foreign material, and then hand spun into thread on a wooden spinning wheel. Next batches of wool are dyed in colors extracted from natural animal and vegetal sources. From 4 basic colors (red, black, yellow and blue) over 126 different shades of color are derived.

The artistry of weaving a rug can take up to a few months to complete depending on the size and intricacy of the patterns. The Vasquez family's rugs feature popular, traditional, and unique designs usually inspired by Zapotec culture.